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Summer Rentals

Standard/Short Term

The summer season is our most popular season for rentals where we provide saddle horses, mules and draft teams to a wide variety of businesses including guest ranches, hunting outfits, private home rentals and special events. Summer rentals start May 1st or later until Labor Day, however, short term leases 14 days or less are also available. Need an extension? No worries! If needed, you can extend your lease until September 20th. Summer and fall lease combos are offered as well. Yellowstone Horse Rentals will provide trucking for an additional fee. If trucking is not needed, there are two locations for pick ups and drop offs located in Afton, WY and Pavillion, WY. Only interested in day riding? Click the link below for more information about our guided trail rides offered in Teton Village, WY. Call us today for a quote!
*Teton Village Trail Rides*

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