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Autumn Foliage

Fall Rentals

The fall season attracts hunters from all over the country, making pack horses/mules a necessity for hunting, especially in National Forests. If needed, riding and pack saddle sets, panniers and other tack are available for rent. Yellowstone Horse Rentals has you covered to ensure a successful hunt!

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Types of rentals:

Standard Lease

  • from September 5th to December 15th

  • $850.00 per horse

  • Includes a new set of shoes

Short Term Lease

  • Starting September 1st (horses are available before Sept. 1st but limited quantity)

  • Length of lease is 14 days or less

  • $550.00 per horse

Combos & Delivery

  • Summer & fall lease combo options available

  • YHR provides trucking for additional fee

  • 2 locations for pick-ups

    • Afton, Wyoming​

    • ​Pavillion, Wyoming​

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