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What happens if my horse gets hurt or sick? It is your full physical and financial responsibility to take the horse to the vet and seek medical attention.

What is the earliest my horses can be delivered or picked up? 10am is the earliest you can pick up or have your horses delivered. Due to high demand and depending on time of year, our staff works hard to get everything sorted out and ready for our clients. To ensure everyone gets exactly what they need, early morning pickups and deliveries are just not possible. If you need your horses earlier than 10am, please request pickups or deliveries a day earlier.

What does a saddle set include? A saddle set includes a saddle, breast collar, bridle, 2 saddle pads and a halter. A pack saddle set includes the packsaddle, 2 saddle pads, a set of panniers and a halter. Saddle panniers can be rented for an additional fee.

Can I leave my horses unattended somewhere to be picked up? No. There are many risks and dangers that can jeopardize the well-being of our horses when they are left unattended. As the lessee, you are responsible for their care until pickup or drop off.

Do I have to keep my horse(s) for the full 14 days of my lease? No, whether you have the horse(s) for 14 days or 14 seconds, you can return them at any time!

Can I rent a trailer? Yes! We have a limited number of horse trailers available for rent so please inquire about their availability when booking your rentals due to their popularity. You may bring your own horse trailer for pickups but please keep in mind if any member of our staff deems your trailer floor ill-suited for horse transport, we will deny the loading of horses onto that trailer.

Will the horses load onto a 2-horse trailer? Most of our horses will load onto trailers but we cannot guarantee they will load onto straight load trailers, or small 2-horse trailers. Open, stock type trailers are the best and most comfortable for the horses.

How much weight can my pack horse carry? 150lbs of dead weight should not be exceeded when packing out on any horse or mule to prevent sores and lameness.

Will I have to shoe my horses during my lease? Yes. If you plan on leasing for the summer and winter seasons, or any other type of long-term lease, it is your physical and financial responsibility to make sure your horses are shod every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent any injuries or lameness issues.

Do you provide certified hay and grain? Yes! We have bales of hay and 80lb bags of grain available for purchase. All of our hay is certified weed free.

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